5 ‘Going Out’ Outfits for the More Mature Lady

Remember galavanting through town in the shortest, leather mini skirt, those days are gone but that doesn’t mean you’ll never go out on a night out with the ladies again. You older but you’re not a fossil. Instead of a bottle of grey goose it might be a bottle of wine but who cares. Any see through shearing fabrics will be elevated to silk shirt blouses and jumpsuits! We have devised a list of ways you can evolve your  going out look so you don’t look like mutton, dressed as lamb.

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Bored of Dresses? Try These Suits on for Size

How many party dresses does one girl own? Probably a lot, and if like me, you’re getting a bit bored then a suit is an amazing alternative. The variety of suits designers are producing at the moment would suggest they also felt it was time for a change, a two piece trouser suit is the chic, sleek option but up until recently the suit was manly worn by men. Cut to present day and you would never have known that women we’re only wearing dresses up until a couple of decades ago. This year there are some suits that are readily available for party season in every colour, fit and fabric. To help some of you decide how to wear your suit we’ve created a list below…

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MFW: Street Style Inspo

As Milan Fashion Week comes to an end, and the street stylers, and editors make their way to Paris for the next instalment of fashion inspiration from the runways. Before we do that we must mention the street-style set who were out in full force sporting some fine accessories on the streets of Milan.

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5 Classic Styles that have been Reinvented

Trends go round and round on the never ending carousel of fashion  – But if you take a closer look, most of the “NEW” trends are actually tried and tested classics that have been reinvented. Most trends are just reliable fashion pieces that are tailored to fit the current market. It is a very clever way of putting a spin on your favourite pieces. It would be a shame to lose some of them after all. We looked at what the street stylers of the world were wearing outside the fashion events of the world and what you need to invest in now.


4 Trends We’re Taking Into the Autumn

It’s been a baking hot season, so you might forgive me for looking forward to wearing jeans, knitwear and coats after non stop floral dresses, shorts and sandals. It seems September always feels like a fresh start. Maybe it’s because we used to start out school year then and haven’t got out of the routine. This is the perfect time to reshuffle your wardrobe and decide what you’re going to carry over into the Autumn. Although the Summer isn’t over just yet but it is a good idea to start planning some of you wardrobe sooner rather than later. The good thing about this period is that you’re able to wear some of your Summer wardrobe whilst introducing new autumn pieces. We’ve have researched the latest trends that some of our favourite influencers to bring you a little inspiration for what to wear as we move into the Autumn.


Be the Coolest Holiday Maker Ever

I am sometimes guilty of purchasing my holiday clothing in bulk the day before i go away, and as you can probably guess some of the thing i bought didn’t look quite as good on me as they did on the model online. I learnt the hard way but you don’t have to by taking this advice…buy in advance. As soon as you see a piece you know will rock on the beachfront…get it! It might not be there by the time you come to buy your holiday wardrobe.

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3 Unconventional Going Out Outfits

As the years have past it’s been made clear that us ladies are able to wear pretty much whatever we want when it comes to our “going out” outfits. Wearing a fitted dress or 6 inch heels is no longer the dress code, and this is music to my ears. This doesn’t mean you should just throw on your coffee stained sweatshirt and leggings with holes in to go out for dinner. What i tend to do is wear something that I am comfortable in, then add some things to lift the outfit to the next level. Think statement jewellery or an amazing handbag.



From pleated tartan skirts to western plaids to song of praise inspired ginghams dresses, there are so many variations of check prints, that all have their own individual identity. Every runway, at every fashion event across the globe, was jam packed with many different check prints and we fell in love all over again. Bug hitting designers such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and of course…Burberry (the Queen of check prints).  



My moto is if you get your footwear on point then the rest of your outfit will take care of itself. My mum always said to me that if a guy you meet has nice shoes then you should pursue things further, if not then ditch him immediately. An old wives tale my Grandma taught my mum and I am sure my great Grandma passed that pearl of wisdom down to my Grandma too. I think that this applies to women to. Have gorgeous shoes and you’re onto a winner.


Cashmere in Spring? You got it!

When the word cashmere ever gets spoken then the colder months of Autumn/Winter spring to mind. I would normally agree with this but for once I’m not. What if told you that rules breaking in the fashion world is quite a normal thing. Fashionistas of the world are pros at taking a classic trend and turning it on its head. Sometimes it takes off and sometimes it doesn’t. Wearing cashmere in the warmer months might sound ridiculous but let us give you some styling tips that could sway your opinion.

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