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5 Classic Styles that have been Reinvented

Trends go round and round on the never ending carousel of fashion  – But if you take a closer look, most of the “NEW” trends are actually tried and tested classics that have been reinvented. Most trends are just reliable fashion pieces that are tailored to fit the current market. It is a very clever way of putting a spin on your favourite pieces. It would be a shame to lose some of them after all. We looked at what the street stylers of the world were wearing outside the fashion events of the world and what you need to invest in now.


Look Lovely in Lilac: Colour of the Summer

If you’ve not been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ll know how big the colour millennial pink has been in the fashion world. Well now is the time for the pink shade to move over. It’s now time for lavender aka “lilac” to take the helm of the colour spectrum. The lavender shade has been spotted all over the runways of every major fashion event around the globe as well as being worn by all the street stylers of the world.