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4 Trends We’re Taking Into the Autumn

It’s been a baking hot season, so you might forgive me for looking forward to wearing jeans, knitwear and coats after non stop floral dresses, shorts and sandals. It seems September always feels like a fresh start. Maybe it’s because we used to start out school year then and haven’t got out of the routine. This is the perfect time to reshuffle your wardrobe and decide what you’re going to carry over into the Autumn. Although the Summer isn’t over just yet but it is a good idea to start planning some of you wardrobe sooner rather than later. The good thing about this period is that you’re able to wear some of your Summer wardrobe whilst introducing new autumn pieces. We’ve have researched the latest trends that some of our favourite influencers to bring you a little inspiration for what to wear as we move into the Autumn.



My moto is if you get your footwear on point then the rest of your outfit will take care of itself. My mum always said to me that if a guy you meet has nice shoes then you should pursue things further, if not then ditch him immediately. An old wives tale my Grandma taught my mum and I am sure my great Grandma passed that pearl of wisdom down to my Grandma too. I think that this applies to women to. Have gorgeous shoes and you’re onto a winner.


How to Wear Spring/Summer Now

How long does has this Winter been dragging out for? I think I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel the sun on my skin and bare my legs. The amount of layers I’ve had to wear is nothing sort of ridiculous. But we absolutely love Winter clothes, so don’t come down on us just yet. What we are getting at is that we want a change to our wardrobe, and a great way to do that is to incorporate some of your Summer clothing, right now.