From pleated tartan skirts to western plaids to song of praise inspired ginghams dresses, there are so many variations of check prints, that all have their own individual identity. Every runway, at every fashion event across the globe, was jam packed with many different check prints and we fell in love all over again. Bug hitting designers such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and of course…Burberry (the Queen of check prints).

90s baby

When I see yellow check prints in automatically makes me think of one of my fave films, Clueless. Look, we’re not asking you to go full on cher mode and asking you you to pair your top with the same print bottoms (although this would look amazing if you’re brave enough to give it a whirl). Tone the look down but simply wearing some ripped, black, skinny jeans with a jumper draped around your shoulders. For the day we’d go for a chunky dad sneaker and for the night time we’d go for some cute, small heeled shoes. Go for a matching checked bag for extra fashion points

Clash ’em up

Clashing is the new in thing to do. The crazier the better. Go for monochrome stripes with a red tartan print to really score some brownie points with the fashion crowd. If you want to go all out then wear two different types of check prints in two contrasting colours. Black and white gingham feels super-girlie but just wear it with sneakers to give it a whole different angle.

Work it

Whenever a checked print dress has been spoken about before people automatically think it’s for the office. This is no longer the case as there are so many variations of womens suits out there at the moment that they can be worn for any occasion. Wear yours with a hot pink crop top to make it anti office wear and sw that suits are not just for the boardroom but for the night club as well.

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