I remember how popular these wide leg and nasty synthetic track pants were back in the 90s. Unisex, sporty, and very Adidas. I even had a green pair and my brother a blue pair. I wanted a bright red pair with white stripes down the side when I was six or seven years old. Instead I got a blue pair that formed part of my sports P.E kit for school, and was not impressed.

The Modern Retro track pant has been a fringe trend for five years, and is quite the acquired taste. It’s gaining a bit of momentum with sports brands like Adidas bringing back the look, and mainstream retailers like Anne Taylor incorporating the vibe their own way.

These athletic pants are beyond body type because they’re baggy with an elastic and drawstring waist, hanging straight without much shape. If you’re curvy on the lower half, you’ll fill them out a little more, but they won’t look structured. Most of the styles are full-length, but some are cropped. Many have studs down the side seams that create interesting slits on the hems.

I think they look too athletic for this leg of my style journey, although I reserve the right to change my mind. I like the idea, and the look on others. I LOVE that they remind me of the early 90s. I like that they aren’t knitted like joggers and leggings, and have some room. I love them combined with dressy pieces for a Sporty Luxe effect. They look fresh. so if you haven’t got any yet, go and get some!

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