Be the Coolest Holiday Maker Ever

I am sometimes guilty of purchasing my holiday clothing in bulk the day before i go away, and as you can probably guess some of the thing i bought didn’t look quite as good on me as they did on the model online. I learnt the hard way but you don’t have to by taking this advice…buy in advance. As soon as you see a piece you know will rock on the beachfront…get it! It might not be there by the time you come to buy your holiday wardrobe.

To put at stop on you making some bad, last minute, holiday outfit decisions, we have broken down the five key holiday trends for 2018 you should be buying.

1. Rainbow Stripes

We see rainbow prints on a multitude of different styles in the fashion world. One of my personal favourites is rainbow print knitwear but this is obviously not holiday friendly. The best thing to do is search for some rainbow print swimwear.

2. Smocking

Smocking is a personal favourite as it is an effortless look but so comfortable. The frills bring an extra dimension to a big standard bikini. There is aa amazing collection of smock bikinis on the high street at the moment. Don’t miss out!

3. Big Statement Hats

If you go on any influencer or street stylers instagram accounts you will more than likely see them wearing an OTT straw hat. The key to this trend is to big big, or go home. the larger the hat, the more fashion cred you will get!

4. Woven Accessories

If you’ve been living under a rock then you can be excused for not knowing about the woven trend taking the fashion world by storm. Woven bags have been huge throughout the Springtime and now woven shoes are starting to make move. They are perfect for your holiday as they keep your feet cool and look stylish.


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