Bored of Dresses? Try These Suits on for Size

How many party dresses does one girl own? Probably a lot, and if like me, you’re getting a bit bored then a suit is an amazing alternative. The variety of suits designers are producing at the moment would suggest they also felt it was time for a change, a two piece trouser suit is the chic, sleek option but up until recently the suit was manly worn by men. Cut to present day and you would never have known that women we’re only wearing dresses up until a couple of decades ago. This year there are some suits that are readily available for party season in every colour, fit and fabric. To help some of you decide how to wear your suit we’ve created a list below…

Soft to Touch

No fabric is more luxurious and outright party season worthy than velvet. We would go for a deep purple hue or a dark green shade. Both look equally amazing in velvet. Add some statement jewellery to nail the look. Ramp it up (It is Christmas, after all) by pairing it with glitter, killer heels and some rhinestone earrings. This will create a festive outfit that anyone would be jealous of.

Twinkle twinkle

Full on sequined suits are all the rage this season and let’s be honest, what screams Christmas more than sequins and bling? Make sure you pair the sequin ensemble with solid a solid leather clutch and some plain shoes to bring the outfit back down to earth a bit.

Release your Inner Animal

Want to stand out even more than a sequin suit? Firstly, we salute you, secondly, we’d recommend you go for animal prints. Animal prints have been taking the fashion world by storm for decades and now you can buy the print in suit form we are officially hitting the peak of fashion.

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