Cashmere in Spring? You got it!

When the word cashmere ever gets spoken then the colder months of Autumn/Winter spring to mind. I would normally agree with this but for once I’m not. What if told you that rules breaking in the fashion world is quite a normal thing. Fashionistas of the world are pros at taking a classic trend and turning it on its head. Sometimes it takes off and sometimes it doesn’t. Wearing cashmere in the warmer months might sound ridiculous but let us give you some styling tips that could sway your opinion.

If we’re being honest, the weather isn’t exactly predictable in the UK, so wearing cashmere into the Spring isn’t such a ridiculous idea if you think about it. That being said, cashmere is a natural fibre that will be sure to keep you warm but is still breathable at the same time. This makes the fabric versatile and an excellent foil for the unpredictable British weather. Comfortable, stylish and easy on the eye, cashmere is a great addition to any Spring/Summer wardrobe. So, don’t throw your knitwear to back of your wardrobe just yet and check out our¬†look at the spring guide to wearing cashmere

Light cashmere knit Italian jumpers are always readily available. Whether that be at wholesale or retail level. Different weights and designs are all designed with the specific season in mind. Now we are into spring, lightweight tie-dye designs are popping up already and the Italians really know how to fuse the idea of cashmere and tie dye perfectly.

Cashmere Cardigans – Staying with cashmere, a great basic cashmere cardigan will always be handy for any wardrobe. You can throw these on at any time of the day and at any time of year.

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