5 Classic Styles that have been Reinvented

Trends go round and round on the never ending carousel of fashion  – But if you take a closer look, most of the “NEW” trends are actually tried and tested classics that have been reinvented. Most trends are just reliable fashion pieces that are tailored to fit the current market. It is a very clever way of putting a spin on your favourite pieces. It would be a shame to lose some of them after all. We looked at what the street stylers of the world were wearing outside the fashion events of the world and what you need to invest in now.

1. Jackets with Borg Lining 

The go to jackets for this time of year are normally the denim jacket or a bomber jacket, but not this year. A bord lined jacket is the way forward this season. The temperature will definitely begin to drop soon and normally the denim jacket would be banished to the back of the wardrobe until the Spring. But if you invest in a denim piece with borg lining you will still look very stylish and it will keep you nice and toasty when out and about through the Autumn.

2. Neon Coloured Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are currently having a moment. This was one of the surprise packages at fashion week this year. Models were sent down the runways wearing neon colours. These shirts have been seen being worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Kim K.

3. The Reinvention of the Biker Jacket 

The biker jacket has been the unofficial uniform of all you rebel chicks out there since the mid 80s. The biker jacket is going nowhere soon but there are some amazing take on the classic. A checkerboard print would be my print of choice. It stands out but still makes you look like you’ve got that rebellious streak.

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