My moto is if you get your footwear on point then the rest of your outfit will take care of itself. My mum always said to me that if a guy you meet has nice shoes then you should pursue things further, if not then ditch him immediately. An old wives tale my Grandma taught my mum and I am sure my great Grandma passed that pearl of wisdom down to my Grandma too. I think that this applies to women to. Have gorgeous shoes and you’re onto a winner.

If you’re an introvert then making a statement with your footwear could be the way forward for you. Keep the rest of your outfit understated and add some colour to make the shoes the focal point

As the Spring comes round, new footwear collections from designers and high street brands are released. The emergence of sandals, slip on sliders and slingbacks mean that the sunshine is on its way.

Spring footwear is one of the most difficult to tackle as you want to keep those tootsies cool but always want your footwear to look fabulous. As we know how difficult it can be to get some inspiration, we have give you a couple of spring shoes that we think are going to be amazing this season. Comfortable and stylish are the key things you need to take into consideration and the styles below hit both those benchmarks.

Sliders – There are many different variations on the high street. Fluffy numbers, animal prints, mermaid colours…the list is endless. Perfect for wearing in the summer sun or on your holidays.

Eyelet Sandals – The eyelet sandal is a kind of ‘meet in the middle’ style. Can be worn as a casual style or worn out at nighttime while you’re on vacation. The eyelet elevates the humble sandal to dizzy new heights.

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